medjar2Where does your Medical Marijuana come from?

1. Are you dealing with people you trust?
2. Or unknowingly supporting illegal drug cartels?
3. Do you feel like your being supplied by amateurs?

Is your current medicine being delivered in a plastic baggy?

Ask your physician to refer you to a Holland420 approved Caregiver. *

*Make sure you properly register your caregiver with the State of Michigan. As per Michigan Law

Holland420 approved caregivers agree to the following standards:

Holland 420 Medical Marijuana must be grown organically, in dirt from seed. All aspects of plant growth420Lab1
must be monitored in a controlled environment. Seeds need to be traceable to an established seed bank.

Using carbon filtered water, seeds obtained from Amsterdam's best seed banks are nurtured from germination. Each plant is grown individually in its own pot. Unlike the hydroponic "factory" marijuana, each plant can be given the unique care and attention necessary to develope "world class" medical marijuana. Each new plant is grown from seed. Plants are NEVER CLONED.

Different ways to cure Marijuana for medical use.

Holland 420 Medical Marijuana is always "Dutch Cured" in a dark, humidity controlled environment. Stored in glass "curing containers" until packaged for final delivery in glass jars. This slow process is seldom used by commercial growers because of its added cost. Taste the difference between Holland 420 medical marijuana and the "swag" being grown in Mexico, or the clone products being traded by amateur growers.